Machigwa illumination set to catch holiday revelers’ eyes

Machigwa Mall, a.k.a. Heiwa Dori in Naha is decorated with holiday illumination through the end of January.

The biggest shopping arcade on Okinawa, Naha’s Makishi Kosetsu Ichiba, is aiming to dazzle visitors through the end opf January.

The so called ‘Machigwa’ shopping district is ready for a spectacular event starting at noon and running until 5 p.m., all leading up to the illumination at 8 p.m. .  Admission is free for the day around Makishi Kosetsu Arcade (Ichiba), also known as Heiwa Dori, in Naha City.

The shopping arcade association has put together many events, including a street performance by Clown Kotora, Eisa dance performances and anime song music live.

One of the interesting items on tap is introduction of Tofu soup known as “Yushi-dofu.” A Yushi-dofu cooking show takes place on Parasol Street next to the main shopping arcade, Chuo-dori, at 2 p.m. There will also be a secondhand book fair and a handmade goods fair on Chuo-dori.  The first 200 children arriving at the venue receive a gift.  The illumination will continue through the end of January.

16:55 21 Apr , 2024