Elderly man arrested for robbery of 100 yen

An elderly man was arrested after he robbed a clothing store at a knifepoint in Uruma City, Dec. 29.

Uruma City Police arrested 77-year-old Tadashi Shinzato on suspicion of unlawful entry, robbery and violation of the Swords and Firearms Control Law.

According to Uruma Police, Shinzato entered the San-A Yokatsu City Department Store, and approached the clothing department cashier’s desk in the afternoon of Dec. 29th. He threatened the sales clerk with 16-centimeter long knife and demanded money.

The clerk handed him 100 yen worth of coins, and Shinzato left the store. A store security guard grabbed him just after he left the premises, and called the police. According to Uruma Police, Shinzato said that he lived by himself, and ran out of money so he decided to rob the store.

22:51 22 Jul , 2024