Former Board of Education director fined for sex with minor

On January 7th, Naha District Court ordered 60-year-old Shigeki Hamaguchi, a former Executive Director of Nakagami Board of Education who also served as the No.2 on the Prefectural Board of Education to pay a ¥500,000 fine, Jan. 7, on charges of violating the Prefectural Juvenile Protection Ordinance.

The court decided that Hamaguchi had a sexual relationship with a then 14-year-old girl last April when he was the Executive Director of the Nakagami Board of Education.

Although Hamaguchi had pleaded not guilty, presiding judge of the court Shinya Arakane found him guilty, and sentenced him to a fine of five hundred thousand yen.  Hamaguchi is not appealing the sentence.  The judge said that as a top educator, Hamaguchi bears a heavy criminal responsibility bacause he served as one of the top members of the Board of Education for a long time, and was in a responsible position of taking care of the sound growth of youth in Okinawa.

  • bob

    oh he took took good care of the youth allright, seeing to it that he was the first in line for sex education, and 5,000 in US currency fine for a virgin is steep but to this bum was worth it. Child molester should be labeled across every shirt he wears in public for life.

19:31 14 Jul , 2024