Jan. 8 ~ 14


You should devote this weekend to pampering yourself and those close to you. Especially, tell our loved ones how much you care and how much they mean to you. You don’t have to spend money, but remember that the time and love you give to others are the two most important things in your life. And don’t forget the power of example when you spend time with children and young people. This is a good reason to start a new and happy year.


You are an optimist by nature, and you can look forward for a week being in very good and happy mood. Things that happened in the past are no more weighing on your shoulders. You should look to your future with confidence. You should give your attention and time to people who need them most. Although you get easily excited about everything new, you should think before making any radical changes, as those could fizzle out rather quick.


Are you planning to decline a certain invitation you received recently? What are you afraid of? And what could you possibly gain by doing so? Engaging in new experiences would increase your confidence. You would reach the best possible results by cooperating with other people and using the network of your friends and colleagues. You should not hesitate to offer your help and friendship, even if you are afraid of being declined. You have much to gain.


Although your thoughts could be far from your work, you should keep your eyes open for new possibilities that this starting year is sure to bring. This would be a good time to make a proposal or suggestion, and that would also show those around you that you are able and eager to begin a new project. There’s someone who has close contacts to foreign countries, and possibly is a foreigner him or herself who’s going to catch you eye. Don’t let it pass.


Some person or a matter that you have been looking for a long time is going to come to the spotlight again. Chances are high that you would be able to have a new beginning even if you have thought that your chances already had passed. The question is, are you brave enough to ask what you want. Be open to a romance and flirting, and give yourself a permission to enjoy the moment. You have more control over the situation than you had thought.


You can expect to meet some new and inspiring people whose company allows you to see your environment from a completely different angle. You have a permission to enjoy your life. Often it’s the most mundane everyday routines that bring us most happiness, and that is true for you, too. You should engage with those moments to the fullest, and show the world your thirst for life. Many small details are now finding their right places.


If you are planning to combine your work and fun, you should remember to allow those around you to express their opinions, too. It brings you great joy to notice how much people love and appreciate you, but you should also tell them how you feel. Opening up a bit could be more satisfying than you had thought. There’s someone whose ideas and behavior you don’t agree with. You have a chance to affect the situation in a very special way, though.


Try to find a more relaxed trait in yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it instead of piling up everything on your own shoulders. You can expect to hear some good news at your work soon, and that will make you life much easier. You should focus your thoughts on your family, and spend your free time mostly at home. You should show more respect to the opinions of your family as they would appreciate that very much.


Avoid going into extremes as you reach for perfection. It’s not necessary at all. Those around you don need your unlimited energy but your love. You would find true love easily if you only ask yourself what you really want from your life. There are some parts in your life you are going a little astray, and you should take a new reading on the road signs. But you still feel happy as your love life is right on the spot. This weekend is going to smile at you.


You should avoid all negative thoughts and people with pessimistic attitude. Do not give promises that you can’t guarantee to be able to keep. You have earned a permission to have a little fun after all the hard work you have done, but you should try something that is completely different from what you have done before. You have a very good reason to be happy, and that could very well be related to love. Maybe someone is finally responding.


An occasion that you helped to create has left everyone involved with very good memories that will last a long time. You should now pay special attention to the older members of your family and their needs. But you should also keep one eye on events taking place at your work in order to be ready to take action when the need arises as that could be to your great advantage. But you should also be cautious and give yourself a little time.


You should show people that you have confidence in the future. You should decide to show everyone that you are ready to take the reins this year, but this weekend you have to give your full attention to your home and friends. Although it seems easier to work your way around the questions that arise, you must be straight, and most of all honest in this situation. By Monday, everything has settled down, and you are ready for new challenges.

21:13 25 Jul , 2024