Land rent for Camp Schwab sees considerable hike

According to local press reports, the Japanese Ministry of Defense plans a considerable hike of the rent it pays for the land for the U.S. military use on a part of Camp Schwab.

The reports say the rental fees would be raised by as much as 65.38% per square meter compared to the rent it paid to the owners of the private land in the fiscal 2014. According to a source inside the ministry, “this is an unusually big raise” and seems to be in consideration of local people affected with the construction of the new base in Henoko.

The hike concerns mostly private land that is located around the area facing the ocean, and the part of the camp that is less than about 20 % of the total area of Camp Schwab.  Before, the land was designated as ‘mountain forest and moor’ but it has now been changed to a ‘potential land for construction of buildings.’

The annual rentals the government paid for Camp Schwab landowners was ¥2.639 billion in the fiscal 2012 that in the fiscal 2013 was increased by 1.02% to ¥2.696 billion ($23.5 mllion).

23:04 25 Jul , 2024