Nara company to set up flash-freezing plant in Uruma

Proton Dining Corporation, a food processing company headquartered in Nara Prefecture and known for its original food freezing technology called “Proton Freezing System” and freezing machines, is planning to launch an intensive food-processing factory on Okinawa.

The company plans call for preparing and deep-freezing fresh ingredients and foods for distribution throughout Japan and Asian countries in collaboration with local companies in Okinawa.

As for a main reason for choosing Okinawa as the location for its new factory, a company spokesman cited the rapidly expanding logistics network centering on Okinawa, so the company chose Okinawa as the hub of their business. Proton Dining is planning to increase its sales volume fivefold to more than ¥1.5 billion in five years.

At the end of December, Proton Coning Co. set up a sales office in Naha, and is coordinating with the Prefectural Government its plans to build its factory in Uruma City.  If all goes according to the plan, the company aims at opening its central kitchen in this summer.

Their original Proton food freezing technology flash-freezes the food at minus 40 degrees centigrade that can then be preserved under minus 18 degrees allowing foods to be preserved fresh for a long time.

20:48 14 Jul , 2024