School lunches served to public

In order to improve the public’s understanding of the school lunch program, the Prefectural Board of Education, the provider of school lunches served in public elementary and junior high schools on Okinawa, has contracted a restaurant to serve similar meals to the public.

Restaurant ‘Nanten,’ located on the first basement floor of the Prefectural Office Building in Naha is scheduled to offer the meals through Jan. 23rd.  The aim of the campaign is to allow more people to know about the meaning and role of the school lunch program.

The school lunch service started on Okinawa in 1955, nine years later than in the schools on the main land of Japan. The lunches at Nanten are limited to 80 people per day, and priced at ¥500 yen per meal.  The menu changes every day during the event. The lunchtime starts at 11:30 a.m.

22:45 23 Jul , 2024