Share of full-time jobs in Okinawa lowest in nation

The statistics compiled by the Okinawa Labor Bureau reveal that only about a third of all job offers in Okinawa are for full-time positions.

Contrast that with the 80 % of job seekers who want to work as permanent employees, and one can see a problem.  This is the mismatch between job seekers and employers.

To rectify the situation, the Labor Bureau, in cooperation with the Prefectural Government, is implementing a job boosting campaign running through March to encourage employers to hire more people on permanent basis.

The Okinawa Labor Bureau will aim to improve the employment situation as Okinawa has the highest rate of non-permanent employees in the nation.  Regarding the merits of creating permanent employment positions, Naoaki Kunishiro, the Chief of Employment Security Department, explains, “Hiring people as regular staff leads to boost in motivation, deliberate cultivation of human resources and improving the customer service and performance. When you think of medium to long-term business management, this would be beneficial for the company.”

22:02 25 Jul , 2024