Drunk Urasoe man arrested for attempted murder

Urasoe Police arrested a 26-year-old man from Ohira, Urasoe City, Friday morning on suspicion of attempted murder.

According to Urasoe Police, 26-year-old unemployed Kazuhito Ura is suspected of throwing a 51-year-old Urasoe man off from a bridge into a river five meters below in the Ohira district of Urasoe on Feb. 6. Police say Ura has not admitted to the charges.

The man who was thrown into the river hit his head on a concrete block on the bottom of the river when he fell.  Although he suffered a laceration on his head, his injuries are not life threatening.

Investigators say Ura picked a quarrel with the man, and a scuffle ensued when Ura and his friend were walking on the bridge. Ura then allegedly lifted the man up and threw him into the river. Ura was on the way home from his friend’s house after drinking alcohol.

05:03 15 Jul , 2024