Ginowan Police nabs Navy Petty officer for DUI

Ginowan Police arrested a 33-year-old Navy serviceman on suspicion of driving under influence on Route 330 at Futenma, Ginowan City, Saturday morning.

According to Ginowan Police, a car driven by Petty Officer First Class LaRoy Callahan, stationed on White Beach, rear-ended a car in front of him about 6 a.m. on Feb. 7th on Route 330 in Futenma. Police responding to the call about the minor accident smelled alcohol, and subsequently had Callahan take a breathalyzer test. The test showed about twice the legal limit of alcohol in Callahan’s breath.

Police say that Callahan has denied the part of charges that say he was driving under influence. When questioned, Callahan explained that he had had one drink of whisky at a bar in Naha before midnight previous evening, but claimed that he had not had any other drinks after that.

  • bob

    Again, again, again, again, what part of Don’t Drink and Drive did this dumb twit not understand, and an officer at that. How this clown got to be an officer much less pay attention and at 33 is beyond embarrassing. I doubt the Navy needs personnel who can’t follow orders and then assume responsibility but tried to shy away. Get rid of this bum and ship his butt back to the ghetto.

    • Michael K

      Bob, some will NEVER get it…unreal!

04:47 02 Dec , 2023