Hotel Orion Motobu lauded for energy saving design

Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa that opened last July in Motobu Town, has an award from the Japanese Ministry of Environment. The new hotel was named an Excellent Example in the category of Commercial and Accommodation Facilities in the 5th Energy-saving and Illumination Design Awards by the Ministry of the Environment.

This is the first hotel on Okinawa to win the award.  The purpose of the award is to promote diffusion in saving electricity and create appealing spaces at the same time.  The hotel has installed LED lights in all of its facilities, and was appreciated for the design of soft lights that take the nature and local surroundings into consideration.

A person in charge of public relations at the hotel explained, “We installed the latest desiccant air conditioning system in the hotel that takes account the environment in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We would like to keep working on energy saving in cooperation with the local community.”

OIST was also selected to the list as an Excellent Example in the category of Public Facilities in 2011.

13:11 14 Jul , 2024