Kagoshima Bank plans to expand to Okinawa

The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd, one of the biggest local banks in Kagoshima prefecture, held a press meeting at its head office in Kagoshima City, Feb. 26th, to announce a plan to expand the bank’s business to Okinawa.

At the meeting, Kagoshima Bank President Motohiro Kamimura said that his company is planning to open a new branch in Okinawa this October at the earliest. Kamimura explained that the bank plans to extend loans to businesses, especially with an eye to help companies related to the international cargo hub project based on Naha Airport.

According to Kamimura, the company is attracted by he increasing population in Okinawa, and is also planning to target individuals for home mortgaged from the beginning.  He estimates to hire 5 to 6 people per each office the bank would open in Okinawa.

04:33 15 Jul , 2024