OCVB publishes Muslim tourist welcome Handbook

The Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, OCVB, has published an “Okinawa Muslim Tourist Omotenashi (hospitality) Handbook” that is aimed to provide businesses and people in local hospitality industry basic knowledge about Muslim faith.

The book was compiled in terms of developing the system to welcome more Muslim tourists, and it’s the first handbook about Muslims published in Okinawa. The book is a B5-size, 32-page book with a pressrun of 7,000 copies.

The OCVB has distributed the books to tourism related companies on Okinawa. The handbook explains Islamic law and customs, such as their praying practices and what is halal. It introduces local hotels and restaurants how to offer services for Islamic people and how to prepare halal dishes.

The book also includes explanations of regional characteristics of four countries with large Muslim populations; Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

For inquiries regarding the book, contact the Tourism Promotion Department of OCVB at 098-859-6129.

  • http://batman-news.com special

    This is about the stupidest idea ever. Okinawa is about the worst place a Muslim can visit. The island is practically built on pork products and alcoholics. You cannot find a crumb of kosher food on this island. The OCVB is clearly delusional and needs to read a little bit about Muslims before they publish a book for muslims.

  • matt99

    Pork products and alcoholics 🙂 too funny.

05:50 15 Jul , 2024