Okinawa Food Flea tickles tastebuds for third time

Food Flea is a bonanza for lovers of something tasting different.

A unique food event that debuted on Okinawa six months ago was so much fun it came back in November, and now public demand is such that it’s happening again this Sunday.

The Okinawa Food Flea runs noon to 6 p.m. at Chatan Fisherina Uminchu Wharf, located next to the Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort.  For those not familiar with the area, it’s located just north of American Village Mihama.  Admission is free to the afternoon culinary adventures, although there are charges for the foods consumed.

Okinawa’s organic food growers are well presented at the Food Flea.

More than 50 shops that are popular among people who have a curious palate will gather throughout the afternoon. For instance, there are French restaurant Kato Shokudo, Pizza restaurant Bacar, and bakery Kaito from Nago, to name a few.  Other than that, popular cafés, izakaya, and hamburger shops will welcome visitors.

Last November, at many shops popular dishes were sold out quickly or sometimes visitors had to stand in lines to get them.  In addition to food stalls, a lot of craft shops will be open at the Sunday venue.

The location is pure Okinawa delight, right by the ocean.  Organizers say Okinawa Food Flea is just perfect for visitors to enjoy delicious foods while enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze.  Live music performances will warm up the afternoon.  Look for a variety of other concessions spotted around the venue, offering everything from resort wear to Asian furniture.

22:52 23 Jul , 2024