Sunday Ginoza Marche focuses on crafts

Locally hand-made is the theme of Ginoza Marche.

There is another craft market in Ginoza this weekend, guaranteed to generate more excitement than only handmade goods can offer.

Gino-kun welcomes visitors.

The venue is at the Hanshin Tigers professional baseball camping site in Ginoza, from 10 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. Sunday.  Visitors can enjoy baked sweets, jam, bread, cakes, scones and more, while perhaps catching a glimpse of the Hanshin Tigers practicing.

The Other than foods, there are handmade accessories, leather goods, tiles and glass ware will be lined up. The Hanshin Tigers camping site in Ginoza Village Baseball Stadium is at 188 Ginoza. Admission is free

04:28 02 Dec , 2023