1st Mercato Italiano hits Grand Blue this weekend

Part of the deal is free refills of prosciutto ham to your heart’s content while supplies last.

An authentic Italian restaurant with a spectacular view overlooking Central Okinawa Grand Blue is hosting the 1st Mercato Italiano, an Italian fair, this Saturday and Sunday.

Build your own sandwich.

Grand Blue is known for serving dishes made of genuine Italian ingredients to customers and a large number of Italian fans. Its Mercato Italiano, an Italian fair is held at the special venue at the garden of Grand Blue, and wines, olive oil, hams, cheeses and other genuine Italian items including cloths and sundry goods from Italy, will be available for tasting and purchase.

The organizer, the Italia Culture Club, and Marco Massetani says “On both days of the weekend Grand Blue offers special service to customers who order any dish of the menu. You can refill for free proschiutto di Parma! The offer is valid as long as supplies last. You can enjoy the ham with Italian wine, with cheeses or with olive oil!”

Grand Blue daily offers genuine Napoli Pizza and other Italian food, and their especially raw oysters now in season! The Mercato Italiano in Grand Blue is open this Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m.  Directions by map are http://goo.gl/maps/pVu7Y

And just the thing to go with the ham is a good Italian wine.

20:12 14 Jul , 2024