JTA airliner aborts takeoff at Ishigagki Airport

A Japan Transocean Air flight from Ishigaki to Naha was aborted just when the aircraft was taking off from Ishigaki Airport when the crew heard an unusual sound while speeding for the takeoff on Tuesday.

According to officials at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the JTA Boeing 737 with 143 passengers and crew of five, aborted the takeoff and the flight was cancelled due to an unusual sound just before the takeoff.  No one onboard was injured.

JTA maintenance inspectors who checked the aircraft speculated that the sound might have been a bird strike, because they found two damaged engine plates on the aircraft.

One of the passengers on the airplane said that he heard a strange sound and felt the aircraft jar just before takeoff, and the plane stopped.  Some people said that they smelled something burning.

Because of the incident, the runway on Ishigaki Airport was closed for about 34 minutes.

19:08 14 Jul , 2024