Nagoya man dead after falling through two waterfalls

A businessman visiting Okinawa from Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture died, Sunday, after he fell down while crossing a river upstream of Oomijya River on Iriomote Island.

According to Yaeyama Police, 51-year-old Yoshihiro Sahada was participating in a trekking tour along Oomijya River when he and a female tour guide lost balance and fell into the stream while attempting to cross the river. The guide who’s in her 30’s managed to get to the shore, but Sahada drifted downstream and fell through two waterfalls on the way.

He was found face up about 30 meters downstream, and taken to a medical clinic. However, he was confirmed dead later on the same day.  The cause of his death has not been determined pending an autopsy. Sahada had a life jacket on when the accident happened.

13:39 14 Jul , 2024