FC Ryukyu holds Island-wide Soccer Festival 2015

As a highlight of its annual All Okinawa Soccer 10000 Festival, FC Ryukyu will play its first official night game to take place on Okinawa in the J3-League this Sunday.

Prior to the J3-League night game acrobatic freestyle fooball performance entertains.

Up to now, no stadium on the island had met the league requirements for equipment and seating for a night game. Now the Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park Stadium has been reconstructed over a period of a year, and the venue was re-inaugurated after the renovation was completed in February.

The game pitting FC Ryukyu against Ginare Tottori will kick off at 6 p.m. at the renovated stadium in the Okinawa Comprehensive Park in Hiyane, Okinawa City. A total of five games scheduled through the end of August will be night games.

Miyu entertains in a mini concert prior to the J3-League evening soccer match.

This specific match is dedicated as a ‘SOFA Personnel Appreciation Day,’ meaning the admission to the match is free for all SOFA ID and foreign passport holders and Okinawa City residents in appreciation of the people of the FC Ryukyu home town, and the U.S. military personnel volunteers, especially the many Marines, who have regularly helped to set up tents and clean up after the games.

Prior to the kickoff, starting at 3:30 p.m. various entertainment including live music, Eisa and acrobatic free style football performance is on the schedule of the special day. And of course, as always in Okinawan events, there will be food and drink stands outside the stadium.  Fireworks will light up the sky after the game regardless who wins.

To gain a free access to the game, show an ID card, driver’s license card of a passport at the entrance to the stadium. Regular tickets, both in advance and at gate cost ¥1,000 for S-seats for junior and high school students and older persons, ¥300 for elementary school age children and younger. A-seat tickets are ¥500 for junior and high school students and older, elementary school age and younger children can enter free.

Tickets are sold at on line at J-League Ticket at https://www.jleague-ticket.jp/index; FamilyMart e-plus terminals at http://www.family.co.jp/famiport/eplus/; and at Lawson Ticket http://l-tike.com//Loppi

19:25 14 Jul , 2024