Five U.S. service members nabbed for DUI over weekend

Five U.S. service members were nabbed on suspicion of driving under influence over the weekend, according to police reports. Two service members were arrested in two incidents Saturday, and another three on Sunday.

21-year-old Marine Cpl. Wong Ramos, stationed on Camp Foster, and 24-year-old Marine Sgt. Alexis Pemental, also stationed on Camp Foster were nabbed early Sunday morning.  Both admitted that they had a few drinks the night before, but insisted that alcohol had already dissipated from their system, and denied the charges. However, the police breathalyzer test showed about two times the legal limit of alcohol in Ramos’ breath, and about three times the legal limit in Pemental’s breath.

According to the Prefectural Police, Ramos had a minor accident with a mini car at an intersection in Miebashi, Naha City, around 4:40 in the morning of May 31st, but he left the site of the accident. Police found Ramos later at Tomari, Naha City, stopped him and administered the breathalyzer test after smelling alcohol in his breath.

The 63-year-old male driver and 72-year-old woman sitting next to him in the mini car suffered minor bruises in the accident.

27-year-old 1stLt. Omar Cooper, also stationed on Camp Foster, was stopped in Maejima, Naha, and arrested after he refused to submit to a police breathalyzer test.

On Saturday, 21-year-old Philip Hite, Airman First Class from Kadena, was stopped and around two times the legal limit of alcohol was detected in his breath.  He was arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving about 5:15 in the morning of May 30th on Kokusai Street in Matsuo, Naha.

The second serviceman nabbed on Saturday is 21-year-old PFC LaDarius Matheus, who was arrested on suspicion of DUI after he refused the breathalyzer test about 5 a.m. on Saturday on Highway 58 in Ameku, Naha.

Prefectural Police say at least 19 U.S. personnel have been arrested on suspicion of DUI since the U.S. military liberty policy was relaxed last December.

  • bob

    That’s the spirit, let them drink and enjoy as much as the anti socialist love to _itch and complain

  • ewacloser

    It would be interesting to see how many Okinawan drivers were arrested in the same time period.

06:00 15 Jul , 2024