Ginoza youth repeats dance performance ‘Yui’

The performance is full of energy and participants really put their heart into the show.

Ginoza Culture Center Garaman Hall is again the venue for the performance called Yui that combines a modern version of Eisa, traditional Ryukyu dance, modern dance and Japanese big Taiko drums. Local youth groups mainly from Ginoza area perform the show.

The show was first staged at the same venue in January this year, and as the first show was deemed a resounding success, organizers decided to stage a second installment of the show.

Eisa is the perennial Okinawa favorite, and local young people from Ginoza use Eisa moves to express the history and traditions with dance. Combining Eisa and the powerful sound of large Japanese Taiko drums they created “Yui” that they hope to hand down to the next generation.

There area two shows on both Saturday and Sunday. The day programs start at 2 p.m. with doors opening at 1 pm. The night performances begin at 6 p.m. with doors open at 5 p.m.

Advance tickets are ¥2,500 for adults, and ¥1,500 for high school students and younger down to age four. Tickets at door are an additional ¥500. Kids three years of age and younger are free provided that they don’t need a seat. Ticket reservations are available by phone (098) 983-2613, by email at or through Garaman Hall website before midnight of the day before the event.

The main group is ‘LUCK’, originally formed by an Eisa circle of a vocational school ‘Okinawa Chuo Gakuen’ specialized in welfare and childcare. They are mostly nursery staff. The other groups are ‘Kinjo Hirae Ryubu Dojo’ of traditional Ryukyu dance, ‘DAZOKU’ of Japanese drum group, ‘FIES’ Dance Studio, ‘Sokei Mijitaya Daiko’ that consists of elementary school students in Sokei district Ginoza. Other than that, drum group ‘Matsuda Muho Daiko’ and the Nakagawa youth chamber from Kin will perform at the show.

A view of the show is at

22:59 25 Jul , 2024