Jun 4 ~ 10


Some offhand comments from one of your friends could make you think about new ideas. Maybe there is a way that you could make your experience and network of contacts work for you better. Enthusiasm and doubt take turns in your head, but if you stick with realistic goals, keep your feet firmly to the ground and set a tight budget to follow, you should have nothing to worry about.


Younger people are bringing joy to your everyday life. Certain people that you were not so interested before and rather considered a waste of time are going to come and show you what they can do if you only let them. Relationships that have proceeded rather slowly will become more active, and especially one certain relationship has a good chance to move onto more serious level.


You exude a very positive aura this weekend. In addition to feeling great yourself, you can now provide good inspiration to others. You could have some problems finding a balance between work and home. Make sure that you spend some quality time with your loved ones and keep them informed about your schedules. They will support you and you should not expect any problems from their side.


You are going to need patience, because whatever you do will take some time before you can see the results. Luckily you have plenty of energy thanks to planet Jupiter that affects you very much just now. You should show your feelings to your partner more openly. Someone who is in need of consolation is looking for you. Maybe just listening to what his person has to say is enough.


You should concentrate on advancing tasks that you really have influence on, and stop worrying about anything else. Everything has its time and place. First make clear to yourself what you want to make your goal easier for you to reach. On the other hand, you could scare off an important person if you ask too much too soon. This could be a problem, but you should not give up too easily.


Something exciting could lead you down on a wrong path if you’re not careful. Trust on your intuition. Approaching the problem in a simple way is the best. You could be worried about the health of one of your friends and family members. Your own needs at this time are more of a spiritual sort, and you could need advice from one of your older and wiser friends to overcome your anxiety.


Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a look at your past. You have had some personal issues happen to you lately. Sometimes you just have to state that you have done your best, and then let it go. You should not think it as a failure, but instead, convince that your talents could be more useful with something else. Not everyone is an expert in all walks of life, and finding the right path is the trick.


You are facing an excellent opportunity to try your skills in different areas of life. You should keep a curious mind about everyone and everything. This could be a good time to begin something new, but don’t lean on others, instead, trust on your own skills. You have a tendency to underestimate your own abilities, including chances to be a leader. You have to learn to build your own castle.


It’s not possible to please other people all the time. Your problem that you set the bar too high for all the other people, and that, at times, could make your own life difficult. It’s easy to get used to someone else taking care of your business. You have to show that you are independent and don’t need constant help from others. That is the key for you to earn respect and appreciation.


Someone close to you is probably trying to help you although you consider it constant nagging. You should be tactful in dealing with the situation but, at the same time, don’t waste the time of you both by being too polite. A colleague who thinks that you perform a certain task better than anyone could be right! But are you up to the challenge? Remember that luck favors the brave ones.


New friends that you made recently could prove to be very useful in the future, although just now you could feel that you don’t have time to spare for them. Luckily you have time over the weekend to think about different alternative scenarios. If you give them a negative answer, changes are that you could lose a good opportunity, and you would come to regret your decision.


Surprise last minute encounters and invitations can feel like a Godsend present during a period of quiet in you social calendar. You should keep your positive outlook and helpful attitude. Refuse to panic, as you know that you would get through anything the life decides to throw at you. Your reliable and confident attitude assures and calms people around you. They like and respect you for that.

19:22 14 Jul , 2024