Jun 25 ~ Jul 1


You can expect your finances improve little by little. There also could be an incident this weekend that would lead to you and one of your friends or colleagues to exchange some sharp words. Although the words could leave a bad taste in your mouth for a while, in the long run this will improve your relationship. Remember that taking too soft a stance never leads to anything that lasts.


It’s possible that you will see some changes in your life but you should take a positive attitude to them. You should not waster your time to thinking what could possibly go wrong. Flexibility is now necessary, especially with anything related to your work. But also remember that there’s a big difference between flexibility and hesitating. You can also expect to find your life a little easier.


It seems that there are more questions than answers in your life. However, no one is better equipped to answer those questions than yourself. Be honest and make clear what you really want. Although you can feel a little insecure at times, you should not take stress from anything that you can’t change anyway. Instead, concentrate on what you can do today and next week.


When you get a chance to make a plan, you know exactly what you are going to do and when. You should let others to adjust to your pace for chance, and don’t let anyone to push you around. You are going to drop the ball if you try to please everyone. Just remember that you have natural charm that always works wonders with people, even with those that you meet for the first time.


You’ll be surprised about all the good things that are coming to your way in the near future. Especially at your work, you will find a new gear and get things really moving the way you want. Although you would like a certain relationship to flourish, don’t be satisfied with the second best alternative. Be flexible and give yourself time to make a decision no matter how small it first seems.


Do you feel that people are pulling you in every direction? Although you like to accomplish everything in a hurry, too much hurry could lead to mixed results that no one expected. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of your big dreams ever came true? By having a conversation with many different people and listening to their opinions would help you to get your goals accomplished.


A certain kind of uneasiness in your relationship with your partner is going to evaporate after the weekend. A part of your life that you have lately not taken care of properly is going to come more to the forefront. Pay special attention to your health and diet. Even small changes to the right direction can lead to wonders in your well-being, and improvement in your personal relationships.


Your thoughts are now mostly in the future. Although you have plenty of tasks to organize and take care of, you should not forget a promise you gave yourself regarding your physical activity. Once you make a decision to stick with your promise, you will feel much better. As far as the romantic side of your life is concerned, now is the time for you to learn how to read between the lines.


It’s very important that you communicate clearly with people around you, as chances of misunderstanding are real at this time. Those others do not necessarily understand what you are trying to say. Justify your message clearly but tactfully. Once you discover how, and in which way, you get your message through, your problem is solved, and you can start the practical work.


If you feel that this is a good time for you to relax and party a little, follow you instincts. It’s no use to think too deep just now. But you should be prepared to help one of your friends, especially as this could affect your long-time relationship. However, if the problem has anything to do with money, make sure that you keep an eye on your own future interests.


Your spiritual and mental growth is now strong. You should use this opportunity to get rid of old, worn habits, both in your relationships and finances. If someone invites you to have some fun this weekend, don’t miss the chance, as that would take you to the right direction. You won’t feel frustrated any more when you notice that you are really making progress.


You have so many different possibilities ahead that it could be difficult for you to pick up one before the others. It’s important to have the timing right with a very personal decision that you are facing. If you need advice, you should try to find a person who has been in similar situation, and then made the right choice and succeeded. Your lucky day this week is Sunday.

22:50 22 Jul , 2024