In-fight meal plant at Naha Airport ready to start

Fukuoka In-Fight Catering Co., an affiliate company of Royal Holdings that manages catering and in-flight meal services in the country, has finished the construction of a new plant that prepares in-fight meals at the International Logistics Special Zone next to Naha Airport.

The new plant will start operating July 1st, and is scheduled to prepare 700 meals per day. The company aims at sales of one billion yen a year after the second runway construction of the Naha Airport is completed in 2020.

The plant has a total floor space of 1,520 square meters including the office and warehouse. The total project expense was about ¥300 million.  The plant has a capacity to cook up to 2,500 meals a day.  The company has 19 permanent staff including 12 hired locally at the new plant, and 42 part time employees.  They offer meals to all carriers using Naha Airport. They are also certified to supply Halal food for Muslim customers.

22:49 25 Jul , 2024