Ishigaki distiller matches red wine and plums for new drink

Seifuku Distilery Co., Ltd, a maker of Okinawan Awamori in Ishigaki, has brought to the market a new liqueur labeled “Ishigaki Ume Flavored Wine” from Jun. 18th.

The new product is a blend of red wine, awamori and Japanese plums (ume). Seifuku uses red wine from Chile, its own awamori, and plums from Wakayama Prefecture, which are then blended to suit even people who do not like the usual bitter flavor of pickled plums.

According to the maker. The new drink has a good balance of fruity plum flavor and the sweetness of wine. Company officials recommend drinking it straight and chilled in the summer, or as a hot wine with cinnamon during the cold season.  They say it’s also good for making sangria and using in deserts as well.

The drink has 12 % alcohol content, and retails for ¥1,583 yen including tax for a 720ml bottle.

21:50 25 Jul , 2024