Marine arrested on suspicion of robbery

Naha Police arrested Jun. 6th a 26-year-old Marine Sergeant stationed on Camp Hansen, on suspicion of a robbery and causing a bodily injury. The sergeant is denying he charges.

According to Naha police, the incident happened on Kokusai Street in Kumoji, Naha, early morning of May 24th, when the sergeant allegedly punched the face of a 21-year-old ironworker from Urasoe City several times and stole ¥4,000 in cash from the victim. The assault and robbery took place under the eaves of a commercial building where the ironworker had laid down to take a rest. The victim suffered a broken cheekbone as a result of the beating.

According to the victim, a second foreigner was also present at the scene. Police have tried to locate that person, but have not been able to find him so far.

Naha Police identified the suspect and the vehicle he was riding in by the victim’s claim and footage from security cameras.  On Jun 6th, the police spotted the suspect’s vehicle while he was driving on Highway 58, and stopped them for questioning. As a result, the police identified the man as a suspect and arrested him on he spot.

18:00 29 Nov , 2023