Naha to declare itself ‘LGBT friendly city’

Naha City Government is scheduled to declare the city an “LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Friendly City” on Jul. 19th.

The City Government explains that the aim is to send a message that the city welcomes diversity within and outside of the city, and promotes an understanding of the LGBT community in order to realize a society where the LGBTs are able to live comfortably.

Naha City becomes the second city in the country to make the declaration after Yodogawa-ku in Osaka.  The declaration ceremony is scheduled to take place at the ‘Pink Dot Okinawa’ event venue at the open space in front of Tenbus Naha in Makishi, Naha. The city has jointly hosted the Pink Dot event since 2013, and actively worked on issues concerning the LGBT community including organizing a lecture to enlighten the public.

12:53 14 Jul , 2024