Nationwide average fertility rate falls slightly for 2014

The fertility rate of the country in 2014 decreased for the first time in nine years coming down to 1.42. The fertility rate denotes the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime. The rate in Japan has increased every year from its lowest point of 1.26 in 2005. However, in 2014 the rate fell by 0.01 from the previous year.

By prefecture, Okinawa has remained on top for the 30th consecutive year with the fertility rate of 1.86 in 2014, even though the rate dropped by 0.08 points from 1.94 in 2013.

1.3532 million live births were recorded in the nation in 2014, while 16,373 babies were born in Okinawa Prefecture.  Miyazaki Prefecture has the second highest fertility rate in the country at 1.69 after Okinawa, and the next are Shimane and Nagasaki prefectures with 1.66.  The lowest birthrates among all prefectures are in Tokyo at 1.15 and Kyoto at 1.24.

23:01 25 Jul , 2024