Two more U.S. servicemen nabbed for DUI on weekend

Naha Police arrested two U.S. military service members on suspicion of DUI in separate incidents on Saturday and Sunday in Naha City.  This brings the number of U.S. military personnel arrested on suspicion of DUI to nine since May 30.

On Saturday, 30-year-old female U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class stationed on White Beach was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence on a street in Makishi, Naha City.

According to Naha Police, a police patrol stopped and questioned the woman who was driving a mini car, after they noticed that five men and women had been crammed into the small car.  The breathalyzer test showed alcohol exceeding the legal limit in her breath.

When questioned, she admitted to having drunk alcohol earlier but said, “I drank alcohol four hours ago, so I thought it had gone already” and denied the charges.  The four passengers who were in the car when the police patrol stopped it are all believed to be foreigners and ran away from the site while police questioned the driver.

Naha Police is investigating the passengers as well believing they knew the driver had drunk alcohol when they got into the car, which is a punishable offense under Japanese law.

On Sunday, Naha Police arrested 21-year-old Marine Corporal stationed on Camp Foster on a street in Izumizaki, Naha City.  The Marine has admitted to the charges.

A police patrol noticed a car that was stopped by the curb on Kokusai Street. When they approached, the car was suddenly started, and rushed onto the street around 8:20 a.m.  They stopped the car with the Marine at the wheel, smelled alcohol in the driver’s breath and arrested him.

There were three passengers in the car, two foreign females and one Marine.  The police are investigating the passengers as well on suspicion they rode in the car knowing the driver had drank alcohol before taking the wheel.

  • Chuck Mason

    The four passengers that ran away from the site will be caught. Seems stupid to have ran away. I think that just made things worse. I am sure she told the Police who they were. Dumb to drink and drive in Okinawa. There are so many Taxi’s available. I rather pay 3,500 Yen from Naha home vice a DUI.

    • Okinawa Resident

      Everyone these days whines about why ‘they only put negative things in the paper about foreigners’ and ‘the locals do it too.’ Well, guess what, you’re in a foreign country that is divided on wanting you here and not wanting you here. So every little thing you do is amplified exponentially. The rules are no different for foreigners and locals. They’re just as bad. But they’re locals so it’s not a huge deal.

      • J Smith

        Oh that makes sense. Not really. There have been over 361 DUI’s since January and only 19 of them have been US Servicemembers. Per Capita they are behaving exponentially better in reference to DUI’s.

        • Okinawa Resident

          Ok…I guess I have to repeat myself since you didn’t get it the first time. THEY ARE LOCALS. Did you get it that time?

          • J Smith

            So because locals drink and drive and get DUI’s it’s okay with you because they are locals?

21:48 20 Jul , 2024