Union workers protesting AAFES employment policy

Members of All Japan Garrison Forces Labor Union are currently conducting a sit-in protest in front of the Ishinda Gate of Camp Butler in Kitanakagusuku. The sit-in started at 8 a.m. this morning, and the protest is scheduled to go on until 3 p.m. this afternoon.

The labor union is protesting changes the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) that manages restaurants and stores on base has made to its employment policy. According to protesters, AAFES now follows a policy that changes the status of full time employees who reach the retirement age to part time workers if they are rehired or continue their employment. The union says it’s unfair and illegal to change the status without the consent of the workers, if they continue same duties after their retirement.

About 100 members of the labor union are participating in the protest.  The same protest activities are taking place at Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture and Yokota Air Base in Tokyo at the same time.

The labor union is demanding AAFES to continue hiring all of its members at full time status adhering to the Japanese law for the Stabilization of Employment of the Aged that was revised and went in force in April, 2013. This protest activity of labor union members is their first since May 2013.

  • bob

    The retired workers should stay retired and give the younger workers the chance to have a job. Pure greed and selfishness by the retired MLC’s. They get enough tax payer money as it is for doing nothing compared to those who work off base for a real living.

    • Zack

      You are clearly ignorant of how the SOFA with Japan works. First of all, Japanese employed regular part- and full-time through AAFES are not MLC employees; they are IHA employees. Also, their salaries are paid by the Japan Ministry of Defense. I fail to see how your tax money has anything to do with local national employees. Maybe you should go work at an off base McDonalds for the 550 yen an hour you consider a “real living!”

      • bob

        Zack, I think you need to read the correct and updated version of the SOFA agreement or rather the new IHA that literally guarantees 65% of the jobs on US bases to be filled by MLC’s, in this case literally Japanese, those few US citizens who have MLC jobs are grandfathered in but at any base you have to be a Japanese national. Unfortunately the amount is at near 70% and therefore they are way way overly hired against the agreement. Once again your wrong read the agreement like other fools you too are caught in a illusion and denial of who pays for what. The agreement clearly states that a portion not 100% will be paid by Japan. So stupid, learn to read and think for yourself. So sorry that your not happy with your day job at McD’s but that’s not my fault I didn’t sign the IHA that made you lose your US GS or Contract job.

        • Zack

          You are misinformed and cite no sources. Additionally, I do not work at McDonalds and have never worked a GS a contract job. You must be as good at making inferences as you are making up SOFA agreements in your head. I do hope you get your news from additional sources than Japan Update. They are about as poor as NHK at producing accurate, unbiased news. Maybe I can transfer you my GI Bill so you can learn to research primary sources and think for yourself!

          • bob

            a GS a contract job? Wow talk about misinformed and look who is calling the kettle black but take a look at the mirror and the reflection you get back is: yes stupid that is what you get, so do yourself a favor and put yourself out of misery with misinformation and get educated and learn to research. The SOFA/IHA agreements are not made up idiot, but I can tell you John signed the last one and is due this year for a revamp. The communist JU unlike you I’m no idiot to believe what is typed up in that very much biased news as well as NHK. You really are stupid. I hope you don’t claim to be a US citizen. Keep your GI Bill you are going to need it to pay for your education since you haven’t used it, put my tax money to good use.

          • Bob’s Daddy

            Why does the kettle have to be black? Black lives matter! And not only am I a US citizen, but soon-to-be president Hiilary Clinton’s future ex-husband and first man of America! Thank you for your entertaining comments; at least someone actually comments on these biased, anti- military news articles. I just come to stir up business with as many people as I can online. Take care of yourself, dude.

22:49 25 Jul , 2024