Woman faces no criminal charge after returning stolen money

A female office worker at Henza Community Association in Yonashiro, Uruma City, was found to have pocketed ¥5.18 million from the association’s scholarship fund. She is said to have siphoned off the money over a period of six years starting from 2009.

The woman has admitted to the embezzlement, and returned ¥5.3 million in total including accounting and investigation expenses as of Jun. 3rd.  The Community Association gave dismissed the woman but will not file a criminal complaint against her.

The embezzlement became to light right before the start of a financial audit of the association accounts on May 19th.  The association chairman had become suspicious of the woman as she had been absent without permission, and investigated the books.  The woman had been in charge of the association scholarship fund, and said she used the money for living expenses.  The association had previously only checked the bank passbook and financial records but not the cash balance on the account.

21:37 25 Jul , 2024