Sep 17 ~ 23


A romantic encounter could be in the stars after the weekend, and that could mean a new beginning for you. You are inspired and ready for changes, and maybe some more color and glamour would do the trick. Although you could see some temporary setbacks at your work, this also could provide you with an opportunity to learn more. Changes could create wonders in your life.


A meeting that is likely to take place in the first part of the coming week is likely to confirm what you already have concluded about a certain matter than has been in your mind. Are you now ready for the changes that are necessary? You must be brave. Being afraid of new, could prevent you from getting ahead in your life. Timing is everything, even in romance.


Love and good luck will be you companions over the next few days, and especially the weekend looks promising. You should thrive to bring the best of you to the fore. Your reputation as a good lover and companion may have arrived ahead of yourself. Inspiration seems to be blossoming around every corner, and you are good at delivering your contagious enthusiasm.


Sometimes the distance between the first encounter and getting to know the other person is long and laborious. There’s one certain relationship in your life that seems to have taken exactly this path. You should give it your all, and if even that’s not enough, this relationship is not your piece of cake. You should not be too obvious fishing for kudos, just giving out hints is enough.


Everyone of us has dreams that seem to be impossible to make true. A dream that you have just now, has made your imagination soar, but dreaming up a more realistic version of your dream could be easier to make come true. You are on a right path to success, but you have to decide, which do you prefer, knowledge or charms. Once you make that clear, you can proceed confidently.


This is a period that you are full of ideas and confidence. Someone who has inspired you lately can make you see the brighter side of your life. And once you have cleared the dark clouds of insecurity, you can expect everything else in your life to look more positive. Be ready to have some good times ahead, and to take a break from your everyday social routines and norms.


Romance is waiting around the corner ready to make your head to spin, and if you show courage to take certain steps, you will be irresistible. You may wonder what is the reason for the feeling of urgency in your mind. Look around, there’s sure to be a certain person, who has the keys to your inspiration. Take all it’s worth, and spend this weekend with someone special.


You may think that there’s no one who could break your heart especially, if you hold it tight to yourself. But that’s exactly what is going to break it, yourself. It’s the time to be honest. Your future does not necessarily duplicate your past. This time you should keep in mind that the person who gives you advice is not necessarily always right. A second opinion is in order.


You should not mince your words if people around you make you upset. You should tell them straight how you expect them to behave. They may be surprised, but they will listen to you regardless. There could be some bumps on the romance side of your life, but you should still think twice what you say when you have a word with you lover, as that’s remembered for a long time.


Be ready for someone to confess you something. You may find what you hear highly amusing, but you should be very careful with your answer. Right words in this situation are very important. There are times when love is a real minefield, and due care is therefore strongly advised. But after the weekend you can let out a sigh of relief, and everything is forgotten.


Someone is likely to promise you some kind of reward for something you have done or are expected to do, and that’s probably something to make you salivate. You are prone to be reliable and conscientious, but you should not deny fun from yourself. You should learn from the carefree play of small children. Your wonderful character could use a dose of positive attitude.


You have a feeling that people around you are not telling you everything about what’s going on. Your worry is likely to be baseless, although it could keep nagging inside you for some time. Instead of suspecting conspiracies, you should take a good look at a mirror, and think if you really have been honest with yourself. The answer could be surprisingly obvious.

21:07 25 Jul , 2024