Awamori distillers attract with specialties at industry fair

Many local awamori distillers are bringing limited-production merchandise for sale at the Okinawa Industrial Fair this weekend.

For example, Kumejima’s Kumesen Co., Ltd will offer bottles, for which customers can order their own labels with the customer’s name, albeit in kanji only, printed on the label instead of the brand name.

Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd is concentrating on kusu, matured awamori, as Kusu accounts for about 90% out of 80 brands that the company sells at the event.

Kamimura Brewing will bring for sale a limited number of rare awamori called ‘Hatsudare’, which is the portion of awamori taken only during the first 30 minutes of the distilling process.

19:38 11 Dec , 2023