History of karate published in manga format

An English translation of a book titled ‘The 7 samurai of Okinawa Karate’ was published in September.

The book is about the history of Okinawan karate, and the story of seven legendary Okinawan karate masters, written and illustrated as a Japanese manga. The author of the book is Tetsuhiro Hokama, and Miguel De Luz translated it into English. Cartoonist Shuta Yamazato drew the illustrations.

The book covers of the origin and history of Karate, and the life stories of seven Okinawan karate masters, such as Sokon Matsumura and Kosaku Matsumura. The Japanese edition of the book was published in May last year. The publisher of the book says that he wanted to make it easy for foreign people to read and learn about Okinawan Karate.

The book is available at large local bookstores and online at Okinawa Media Planning at http://okinawanshop.com/

02:41 10 Dec , 2023