Oct. 15 ~ 21


Although you would like to take care of everything by yourself, it would be much better to receive help from other people as it’s readily available. You have to admit that you have plenty to do, and forgetting a small detail is all too easy, and could bring big problems. How do you think you can concentrate on a task at hand when you have too many things in your head at once.


Everyone knows you are very busy, but still many people want to have your attention and time to the point that you feel stressed up. You should think your own wellbeing and take a more realistic stance. You should concentrate on only what’s essential and forget about expectations of others. There’s a big difference and those other people do not necessarily have a clue about your situation.


After a hard day’s work it’s understandable that you feel exhausted and lame. You should gather your energy and concentrate it towards a new project. You are in no hurry, but you should begin to feel around. People around you could seem to be merciless and have no sympathy to your ideas. Maybe you should consider seeking for support from a larger circle of people than you usually do.


You should clear something that has taken your time and imagination for too long time. An open and honest discussion could clear the air, and enable you to make progress. The solution could be a compromise. Sometimes focusing your attention to something entirely different is a key to resolve a situation that has stalled for too long time. A break from routine is also a good idea.


It’s not always easy to collect your thoughts in order to make sense of them. This time it could remain a bit unclear even what you really want. When you are not able to concentrate very well, the possibility of misunderstanding grows, so you should pay special attention to the words you say. Also, you must take your time before you make any important decision at this time.


What you are really looking for now and need, is not perfection but simple solutions to small problems. Your real strength is your willingness to work hard when it counts. However, you should make sure that everyone in your team does his or her own share. Maybe you are not willing to see certain facts eye to eye, and if so, that’s your decision. However, use your brain.


Would you like to improve or develop further a certain relationship? This weekend would be a good time to begin as you are bound to be in the best of moods. Try to figure out something completely new kind of activity with your partner. There’s someone who’s seemingly in distress, and appeals to the goodness of your heart. But before you act, take a second look at the situation.


Try to make a more practical and realistic picture of your dreams. Secretive and devious plans some people are making could send shivers down your backbone. Meeting new and different people would really open our eyes to the work around you. You can expect that never before has the attraction of something unknown and new felt so strong and irresistible for you.


You should pay close attention and listen carefully in order to be able to start your journey towards realizing your dreams. When certain people promise something, you should consider whether their intention is really to make true what they promise. This is the big question you have to ask every time when people make promises; are they really committed to the task ahead?


At times you may feel that you get buried in daily routines. The question is, what can you do to allow yourself to progress? Someone needs your love. How long can this person wait? If you allow people to take advantage of you, your money and property is at risk. You have to be constantly aware of risks and promises people make. Especially, the sobbing kind you have to run away from.


Now you should try to make progress in every area of your life. You should change something at home, work, relationships and, especially, in your attitude. You should not do something that someone forces you to do, but you should be moving on all the time. Money and love go now hand by hand. You should protect your money by all means but be generous with your love.


Sometimes we ourselves are our own worst enemy. How often do we find ourselves saying or doing something to make ourselves important or prop us up? This week you should not pay too much attention to small details. You will have a great chance to improve and make your current relationship deeper. This is an opportunity not allow to miss, as it’s not going to come back.

19:36 11 Dec , 2023