Okinawan designer shows creations at Tokyo Fashion Week

Issei Higa, a 35-year-old fashion designer from Okinawa, had his line of fashions under his own ‘Higa’-brand shown during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo that was held at a commercial complex ‘Shibuya Hikarie’ in Tokyo, Oct. 15th.

Higa is the first designer based on Okinawa to have a show in the prestigious event. The fashion show is known as one of the five events of the ‘Fashion Week’ that takes place in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London and New York. For the show, Higa released some 60 dresses, one-piece apparel and rider’s jackets featuring patterns of bougainvillea and banyan tree bark with the concept of fusion with urban and nature.

After the show, Higa said at an interview, “I would like to expand my business to the world, and want many people not only within Japan but also Asia and Europe to see my works.”

09:32 04 Dec , 2023