Okinawa’s top civil servants’ pay deliberated

The Okinawa Prefectural Department of General Affairs had a meeting at the prefectural government office on Oct. 26th, to deliberate on the salary of the prefectural governor, deputy governor and prefectural assembly.

Currently, the Okinawa governor’s salary amounts ¥1.23 million per month, and his annual salary totals ¥19.336 million including bonuses and special regional allowances, as of Apr. 1st, 2015. The amount of the Okinawa governor’s annual salary ranks 45th among the 47 prefectures in the country, and 26th in the country after taking into the consideration special preferential measures of salary reduction for civil servants in charge of special government services, such as governors and assembly members. In many prefectural and city governments, the payment for special service jobs has been written down for a fixed period, according to a special ordinance.

The annual salary of the vice-governor is ¥15.248 million, which puts him in the 43rd place in the nation, while the chairman of the prefectural assembly makes ¥15.406 million, and is in the 33rd. The deputy chairman is paid ¥13.205 million per year and prefectural assembly members ¥11.79 million.

The advisory board is consists of eight members who are college professors, lawyers, and representatives of labor unions and industry associations. They deliberate the situation regarding the salaries and rewards two or three times per year and report the results to the prefectural governor.

05:20 15 Jul , 2024