Two small children drown in murder-suicide attempt

Two young children drowned in what police investigators believe was a murder-suicide attempt by their mother, in Uza, Yomitan, on Friday.

Nirai Fire Station received an emergency phone call Friday morning from a worker at a hotel reporting that two children seemed to have drowned in the sea near Uza Beach near Cape Zampa, Yomitan Village. The fire station rescue team retrieved a 4-year-old girl and her 10-month-old brother from the ocean, and they were taken to a hospital in a cardiac and respiratory arrest, where both were confirmed dead the same morning.

According to Kadena Police, the children and their 30-year-old mother from Uruma City had come to the beach earlier in the morning. The mother reportedly explained to investigators that her daughter fell into the ocean while they were taking a walk along the shore, and she tried to save the daughter while carrying the baby boy on her arms.

The mother said she failed to save the daughter, however, and the mother and the baby boy also fell into the ocean, and the baby drowned. After the children drowned, the mother went to the nearby beach to ask for help from the beach staff.

According to investigators, the mother is believed to have attempted a murder-suicide with her children. Police has obtained an arrest warrant for the mother on suspicion of murder.

18:23 11 Dec , 2023