Asa Soup

Asa seaweed, known as sea lettuce, is usually harvested from January to March, when it washes up on the shores of Okinawa, where people collect it using a strainer. The most popular location to harvest asa is around Ojima-island during the low tide. It’s then washed clear and usually used for tempura or soup. Dried “asa” is commonly sold in local grocery stores.

Asa soup


(For 4 persons)

  • 10g dry asa
  • 1/2 block of tofu
  • 800cc bonito soup
  • Salt and soy sauce to taste


  1. Soak asa in cold water about 10 minuets and wash.
  2. Bring bonito soup to boil.
  3. Chop tofu into small cubes and mix in the boiling soup with asa.
  4. Add salt and soy sauce to taste.
11:36 18 Jul , 2024