Morning event aims to change image of Gate 2 Street

Merchants on the “Gate 2 Street,” a street stretching from the Goya intersection to Kadena Air Base Gate #2 in Okinawa City, are organizing a morning event called “Morning at the Gate Street” this Sunday, Mar. 27th. The event starts at 08:00 and ends at 14:00.

The aim of the event is to change the image of the area from that of a military and night town spot to an ordinary city neighborhood. 16 cafes, clothing shops and other businesses are joining forces to organize the event.

The street is home to many bars and live houses that mostly cater to the U.S. military clients, but owners say they have suffered economic damage in the past because the military’s disciplinary actions have set the businesses off limits or banned drinking off base.

In addition, the construction of giant shopping centers in areas close by has affected the street shops as local people flock into the malls. On the other hand, some cafes, sundry shops and clothing stores in other areas that are open from the morning have become popular, especially among female customers.

The event organizers came up with a concept that combines fashion, health, natural and high quality. They say the aim is to get the public’s attention and change the image of the street from nightlife and drinking. The shops participating in the event include a bakery using natural ingredients, vegetable cafe, gardening shop, yoga studio, craft shops and others. The location of the event the small park called Uechi Grass Field near KAB Gate #2.

  • Notsolucky

    Seems like it was not a big deal when they were making money hand over fist during the no curfew era.
    Now they seem to want to attract another type of clientele by changing the scenery so they can once again make money hand over fist.
    Oh well gotta do what you gotta do to make money,good luck to them.

  • John

    Gate two street is like the ghetto, a good business caters to both! It’s not the military’s fault their revenue was dependent on night life. Gate 2 will always be the drinking street unless you can kick out all the bar owners and strip clubs! Good luck with that!

15:12 04 Mar , 2024