Mystery red liquid flows into ocean from Sunset Beach

A passerby noticed red fluid flowing from a drainpipe into the ocean at American Village in Mihama, Chatan Town, on Tuesday morning.

The drainpipe is connected to buildings on Sunset Beach, and officials of the Chatan Town government are promising to get in touch with the beach administrator.

According to a male witness in his 20’s, the red fluid was running out from the drain pipe into the channel for about five minutes starting about 10:50 in the morning on Apr. 5th. The man said he could not smell any odor from the fluid.

A government worker arrived to see the site about 14:30 on the same day, but the red substance was completely washed away. Officials reportedly say the cause or substance could be difficult to identify. Okinawa Times newspaper published a picture showing the substance flowing from the drainpipe.

18:56 14 Jul , 2024