600kg of stimulant drugs found on yacht in Naha

The Japan Coast Guard and Okinawa Regional Customs Office confiscated about 600 kgs of stimulant drugs from a yacht in Naha port on May 17th.

The Customs officials put the street value on the drugs to about ¥42 billion, and that makes it the largest on record in Okinawa. The agency is still investigating the details of the incident and the origin of the stimulants on suspicion that the drugs were meant for sale.

The crew of six who sailed the yacht from Taiwan via Ishigaki have been arrested for the possession of the drugs after the Naha Port Customs Office discovered the haul right after the yacht called in the port on May 11th. The Coast Guard and Customs Office conducted a joint investigation of the yacht on May 17th and determined that is had 600 kg of stimulants hidden onboard. Investigators say the amount is too huge for sale just on the island, and suspect that the stimulants were intended for resale in the mainland Japan.

Officials are continuing investigation on suspicion of a possibility that the case has a connection to a large Japanese criminal syndicate in the background.

22:32 25 Jul , 2024