Kitanakagusuku holds picture exhibition at AEON Rycom

Kitanakagusuku Village holds a picture exhibition to celebrate its 70 years since the incorporation of the village. The exhibition is on the second floor of the AEON Mall Rycom in Kitanakagusuku, and runs until this Sunday, The exhibition is open from10:00 to 22:00 every day, except on the last day when it will close at 17:00.

Kitanakagusuku was separated from Nakagusuku Village in 1946 because the U.S. military appropriated the land separating the two parts of the village after the war for base construction.

The exhibition shows pictures of the village before the war, transition of the AEON area from the Awase Golf course and other subjects, a total of about 100 pictures. Kunio Arakaki, the mayor of Kitanakagusuku, says many people hopefully come to see the exhibition, as he thinks seeing it would be a good inspiration to think about the village’s future.

19:42 14 Jul , 2024