Shopping center, six businesses in Okinawa earn awards

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan named the Plaza House Shopping Center in Okinawa City for the top 30 Shopping Malls and Tenants National Award on May 25th. The award is given to small and medium-size businesses that have made a great contribution to regional promotion and development.

The other six companies from Okinawa Prefecture are Toma’s Technical Institute Co., Ltd., from Uruma City, Glass Art Ai Co., Ltd. from Nago, Ie Beef of Farming Ie Co., Ltd. from Ie Village, Ishigaki Ocean Water Salt from Ishigaki, OCC Co., Ltd. from Urasoe, and JCC Co., Ltd. from Itoman. They were selected for the top 300 Small to Medium-sized Enterprises & Small Businesses National Awards. Representatives of the honored companies attended the award ceremony held in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Tokyo on May 25th.

Plaza House Shopping Center is known as the first American-style shopping mall in Japan. It currently houses 40 stores including antenna shops where customers are able to directly explore and experience Ryukyu culture and its products. The shopping center facilitator, Seiji Nakamoto, was elated that the center’s association group’s contribution for the regional promotion and development was recognized with the award. “It has been our policy to collaborate and cooperate with the local community, and that has now officially recognized and greatly valued with this award,” Nakamoto said.

20:02 14 Jul , 2024