Prosecutors indict female sailor for crash while DUI

The Naha District Public Prosecutors Office indicted a 21-year-old female American sailor, Friday, on charges of dangerous driving resulting in injury.

The sailor, Petty Officer 2nd Class Aimee Mejia, was driving under influence on June 4, when her car veered into oncoming lane on Highway 58 in Mizugama, Kadena Town, and crashed head on into two mini cars injuring drivers in both cars. Majia herself was not injured in the crash.

According to the indictment, Mejia drove her car under the influence of alcohol and caused the crashes, in which the 35-year-old woman driver of one of the cars suffered a broken breastbone and the 30-year-old male driver of the other bruised his left shoulder.

A police breathalyzer test after the accident showed an alcohol level of six times the legal limit in her breath.

  • bob

    no brainer there, don’t drink and drive…that’s it…..

  • Slyck

    Heard another SOFA member got a DUI this weekend, couldn’t even wait for the modified curfew in two days!

19:45 21 Apr , 2021