Kadena High School to represent Okinawa at Koshien

The Kadena High School baseball team from Kadena Town earned the coveted trip to play at the 98th Japanese National High School Baseball Championship Tournament at Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture.

The Kadena team faced Misato Kogyo (Technical) High School in the final match of the Okinawa High School regional baseball tournament series at Onoyama Cellular Stadium on Sunday, and won the match 11-3. The national tournament at Koshien begins Aug. 7.

The annual Koshien tournament is arguable the most famous baseball tournament in Japan, and a major steppingstone for players with professional aspirations. All matches at the Koshien tournament are broadcast live on national TV.

The Kadena High School team played previously in the invitational Koshien spring tournament in 2010, but this is the first time the school team has earned a place to play at the more prestigious summer tournament.


22:53 25 Jul , 2024