2016 Ichihanari Art Project expands to cover all Uruma islands

The Ichihanari Art Project centers on the former Ikei Elementary School building.

The Ichihanari Art Project centers on the former Ikei Elementary School building.

Ikei Island north of Katsuren Peninsula has seen its resident community to shrink as fewer children were born and young people moved of the island to cities and towns in search for easier life. A sign of the times was the closure of the island’s elementary and secondary schools five years ago because of lack of students.

ichihanari-img_0447In order to keep their community alive, residents came up with an idea of an art event called Ichihanari Art Project. Local people have called Ikei Island “Ichihanari” that means “the furthest” (island from Katsuren peninsula). The Ichihanari Art Project was started for the purpose of “Revitalizing the Island by Art” and activating the community by utilizing the closed Ikei Elementary and Secondary School building.

The project has proven successful enough that, from last year, the art project was enlarged in scale to involve not only Ikei Island but also nearby Miyagi, Henza and Hamahiga Islands, and renamed “Ichihanari Art Project +3”.

ichihanari-img_0454Several artists have adopted the project and incorporated Uruma islands distinctive culture and scenery in their works that are on display at the project. All works are by artists who live on Okinawa or on Miyagi, Henza, Hamahiga and Ikei islands.

The art project runs from Saturday, Sep. 17, through Sunday, Oct. 2. The exhibitions are open 10:00 – 18:00 daily. The exhibition takes place on locations on Ikei, Miyago, Henza and Hamahiga islands and on the Uruma Sea Road (Kaichu Doro) Ayahashi Sea Station. A route map to the event locations is available at the Sea Station.

Tickets to the event cost ¥500, and are available at Uruma City Office and Ayahashi Sea Station.

There’s also an opening event of Uruma City Products Fair from Sep. 17 through 19, 10:00~18:00 in the Ayahashi Sea Station Building.


12:29 22 Apr , 2024