Korean café chain Mangosix opens store on Miyako

Mangosix, a chain of cafés with headquarters in Korea, opened Saturday its first branch in Japan in Don Quijote Miyakojima store in Nishisato, Hirara.

Mangosix has mango juice as the major product on its menu. The chain opened its first store in Korea in 2011. Currently, they operate some 230 stores in Asian and European countries.

Besides its trademark mango juice, customers can enjoy ice brewed coffee that is available only in this store in Okinawa. Milkissimo’s gelato from Hokkaido is used for sweets and coffee toppings. Part of the mango used in the shop comes from Miyakojima that is a major producer of high quality mango fruit.

Mangosix Japan President Akira Kito says that the company decided to open its nationally first store on Miyako, as it’s famous for its mango production. He added that the company aims to open 30 stores in Japan within the next three years, and hope to have one in Tokyo before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


04:37 15 Jul , 2024