1.5 m long pet snake escapes store in downtown Naha

A 1.5-meter-long ball python kept as a pet at a beauty shop in Matsuyama, Naha City, escaped from its terrarium sometime on Friday, prompting Naha Police to issue a warning to neighbors.

The escaped ball python is black and brown in a patchy pattern color and not poisonous. The owner of the beauty shop discovered Friday afternoon that the snake had disappeared from its terrarium. The owner searched for his pet by himself first, but when she could not find it, called police next afternoon.

The owner said the terrarium had wire mesh cover and the python might have escaped through the cover.

Police patrolling the area are still looking for the pet asnake while informing neighborhood residents about the escape, but so far the snake has managed to slither into hiding.


22:32 22 Jul , 2024