Nov. 3 ~ 9


Your love life is about to pick up, and that reflects positively to your finances, too. Thanks to your social networking there’s someone who has noticed your value and skills at your work, and that will give a positive momentum to your career. Being in the limelight suits you just fine, and that’s especially true as your efforts finally begin to show concrete results.


You should make the most of your attractiveness and the fact that you are able to pull people on your side. Maybe it’s a surprise to you, but people really see you as a leader. By creating others a sense of safety and security, you are making them a great favor. It seems that it’s easy for you to see yourself in other people’s shoes, and that a great gift. You should make the best of it.


You are about to learn something that is both surprising and amusing. Do not betray the trust others place on you. Revealing the secret would not be good to your reputation. Everyone wants to feel secure in his or her relationship, and your partner may have some worries about your intentions. A special gesture this weekend would do wonders to calm the situation.


Just when your life seems to be getting back to its peaceful routine, someone from your past shows up. Now you have to answer yourself whether your feelings have changed or have you only suppressed them. If you engage in a honest discussion, you will find out the reason your relationship failed in the first place. Learn from it, and remember that future is full of hope.


Lately, you have had trouble with concentrating on details, but this would be very important regarding one of your closest relationships. Are you sure you want to dig into the past when everything is going on rather fine just now? You also have to think why you have gotten an offer just now, and not before when the matter was more relevant to everyone’s agenda.


Someone is giving you an interesting proposal, and then you wonder how you should respond. The answer could have something to do with money, or a common friend. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what people really mean. If you are asked to help an elder member in your family, you should consider that one day you could find yourself in the same situation.


Are you longing for your liberty, to be free? Does it feel difficult to be in a relationship at this time? Sometimes it’s better to take a little distance from an intimate relationship, especially if you want honest answers to your questions. The basic question is, do you see yourself the same way as others see you, and why should you try to chance and not the other way around?


Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Instead of chasing a dream, why not play for keeps and go after something achievable this time? It’s a possibility that reaching for something that’s likely to happen could be very interesting after spending so much time in the dream land. The most important thing, though, is to be honest with yourself when you evaluate these matters..


Being open is not the same as giving up. Be careful especially with everything concerning money. If you want to succeed, make sure you research the background of every business and every person you are planning to interact with. Some investments are not meant to weak in spirit, and they can go up and down, just as your personal relationships. So better be prepared.


Someone close to you is showing increased interest in your business, and that could be the cause of stress. And why is that? Maybe you feel that you’re not in control of the situation. But do not forget that you are very capable of making wise and reasonable decisions yourself. You could start by clearly indicating your intentions, and the just trust on your own intuitions.


Over the next week or so you have to keep your eyes and ears open in order not to miss a good opportunity coming to your way. Someone is offering you a project that others think is too much of a burden, but it seems like a welcome challenge to you. When your will is at its strongest, everything seems to be possible. However, you should pay extra attention to your money.


Waiting for something special to happen seems to bring too much tension into your life. You have to change your attitude and try to see the bright side of things. That’s where the opportunities exist. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and your skills, and you have to change that. Try to be more visible and ready to act on a moment’s notice. The meek don’t inherit the world.


20:11 14 Jul , 2024